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At production lines of our clients we are implementing ecological technology allowing sedimentation of dangerous contents of wastewaters from production processes.
We are providing complex delivery of technology, service and operation through our staff in the premises of our clients or in outside locations.


  • Reception, incoming inspection (identification check, check of transport environment conditions, packaging damages, expiration etc.) and storage of chemicals in warehouse.
  • Identification of each packaging unit prior storing at position with barcode label, keeping and supervision of FIFO (first in first out), monitoring of minimal stock levels and safety stock.
  • Development and continual improvement of 5S standard following daily, weekly and monthly task planning.
  • Periodical stocktaking of stored chemicals.
  • Secure storage, registry and management of not usable chemicals or chemicals after expiration date.
  • Separation and storage of used covers from chemicals following type of waste (dangerous waste, other waste).




Preparation of chemicals to production process

  • Preparation of chemicals to production process of client following given standard.
  • Securing of given mixture ratios of particular additives (glue - hardener etc.), calculation of weight depending on required input value.
  • Releasing of chemicals to production process documented using barcode labels including weight of additives, project, production line etc.
  • Synchronization of chemicals releasing with demand of production lines.
  • Recording of used additives, released items and their weight into the consumption report into the system.




Management of waste material from production process

  • Waste disposal (used covers, residues of production materials etc.) from production facilities, warehouses, maintenance areas etc. to the dedicated collection points.
  • Separation of waste and its disposal into containers according waste type.
  • Complex coverage of waste management and disposal of dangerous wastes.
  • Registry of waste records during dangerous waste disposal.
  • Setting up and keeping of 5S standard in the area of waste management.
  • Support in resolving of legislation requirements.
  • Process approach according ISO 14001.



Cleaning of production tools and moulds

  • Cleaning of moulds (masks) from production lines polluted by glue or other chemicals.
  • Reception, expenditure and registry of cleaned moulds.
  • Delivery and storage of moulds directly at production line.
  • Visual check of moulds, marking and separation of damaged moulds, service of moulds.
  • Lubrication of cleaned and dried moulds.
  • Surface treatment of moulds (Teflon covering, rubber coating, powder coating) in order to increase required effect of glue separation from metal parts of mould.



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