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We are specializing in providing complex quality and logistics services, which we are operating directly in the premises of client or outside in external locations:

  • Rework and modifications of parts, which are resulting from checking and control activities of single deliveries, batches or whole production lot.
  • Incoming, process or final control of parts and securing of whole quality delivery of BOP (Bought out part), WIP (Work in progress) or FG (Finish good).
  • 100% or skip lot checks of supplied materials, components or parts.
  • Visual checks, haptic checks, audible control, control of function, adhesion etc.
Activities are being performed using our own tools and equipment in client’s premises and production lines or in our premises during serial production or offline.


We cover complex customer resident services including securing of delivery quality on the production lines of customer (including possible reworks and sorting), sharing of information about actual situation of quality delivery with clients plant, analysis and solving of customer claims etc.



Complex client services

  • Engineering support through coordinator of activities on site.
  • Complex independent process coverage of specified areas managed by experienced supervisors.
  • Proactive cooperation with client with aim to increase quality of provided services, setting up of targets and early communication of non-standards.
  • Regular detailed reporting to client using internal quality management system or using client defined reports and materials.
  • Complex provision of PPE and production tools according requirements and specifications of client.



Added value for client

  • Increasing of process efficiency and costs optimization of particular activities.
  • Benefit for our clients is sharing of experiences from similar projects running internally or externally.
  • Elimination of internal resources of client in production process, increasing of production process productivity by outsourcing of internal leaders required to coordinate and supervise non production activities.
  • Resolving of absences and fluctuation of staff for dedicated activities.



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